MVC Mailer on NuGet


So have you ever found yourself doing this?


Well no there’s a nicer alternative whereby you can build up your mail in html.
Check out the MVCMailer package on Nuget.


PM> Install-Package MvcMailer
Attempting to resolve dependency 'T4Scaffolding (≥ 0.9.7)'.
Attempting to resolve dependency 'EntityFramework (≥ 4.1.10311.0)'.
Successfully installed 'MvcMailer 1.1'.
Successfully added 'MvcMailer 1.1' to TCF.

---------------------------READ ME---------------------------------------------------

Your default Mailer Scaffolder is set to Mailer.Razor

You can generate your Mailers and Views using the following Scaffolder Command

PM> Scaffold Mailer UserMailer Welcome,GoodBye

Edit the smtp configuration at web.config file before you send an email

You can find more at:



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