Using MVC5 Owin Security with EF Code First

Good evening, I’d like to share my solution for using MVC5 Owin security with VS2013 Update 1.
I wanted to have my own DBContext contain both my own DBSets and also the security tables.

Now I could find zero documentation on this and I actually walked away from the bleeding edge last week and reverted to MVC4. Tonight I had some free time and like a dog with a bone I wanted to figure this out. I’m not saying I came up with the nicest or correct solution, but alas I came up with something that appears to be working for me.
Please feel free to give me any feedback I’d appreciate it.

The problem

I wanted one single database containing my own entities and also the security entities.
I wanted to use the latest MVC5 built on the OWIN (open web interface for .net).
I wanted to use code first migrations to keep my database up to date.
I could find no documentation..

The Solution

  • Create my own entity class



  • Create my own DBContext and IdentityStoreContext (the secret sauce) 

image The SiteCertDbContext derives from the IdentityDbContext used by default in MVC5 Update1.

  • Tell the account controller use this new DbContext



That’s pretty much it,  hope it helps someone else out you can now open the Nuget package manager and Enable-Migrations.