IE9 Beta

A word of warning:

Don't do it :-)

I'm v.guilty for using all the latest technologies so a few weeks back I installed IE9 Beta.

Problems encountered:

MVC2 projects getting 404 a lot, I did see this discussed in an interview with Phil Hack and there was a debate on wheather IE9 was just too fast for MVC2.... do you buy it??

Also I've been having problems with the editor I use to write my blog posts, been using raw html as it just didnt work, tonight i tried and compatibility mode and it works again :-)

What have I gained... nothing new that i'm using.... until I get some time to run through HTML5  (on a months holiday from work, wedding next week and putting final touches on the new house... time constraints ey! )

MVC Binding restriction

There are a few options when restricting what properties of a type get automatically bound by the framework.

Take the Loler type seen in my other MVC2 blog posts.


public class Loler
//entity framework generated


Notice only the ID Name and Description properties will be bound by MVC Framework.


Per Usage restriction


UpdateModel(loler, new[] { "ID", "Name", "Description" });


Action method restrictions


ActionResult Create([Bind(Include="ID,Name,Description")] Loler loler)
// implementation


vs2010 parallelism

Take some time to explore the new vs2010 debugger.

Those of you to have experience with multithreading know that it can be a right old PIA (and i'm not talking Primary interop assembly here!).

Try the parallel tasks/stacks in vs2010 and see just how valuable a friend they become :-)


In recent times, CPU clock speeds have stagnated and manufacturers have shifted their focus to increasing core counts.
This is problematic for us as programmers because our standard single-threaded code will not automatically run faster as a result of those extra cores.

Spend some time investigating the new Tasks in .net 4.0