ASP MVC4 Web API file upload: Unexpected end of MIME


So I’ve had a problem uploading a file using a HTML5 input of type file field.


For love nor money could I see a problem with the code above (in my defence I’m working on this project late in the evening and have my First dose of Man Flu this year, I’m a 2012 survivor see: )

When i get into my server code an exception was getting thrown when i read the multipart post.


All the Googling in the world didn’t help me, I saw lots of people adding “\r\n” which I’m still scratching my head over to be honest, I saw others complain about the MVC4 beta..


But hang on: I’ve done this before: So what has changed? actually something really silly ,

I simply forgot to set the input name attribute!!!


Hope this helps somebody …